How to Make Cheap Phone Calls to Botswana

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Make a Cheap phone call anytime to Botswana for 7p per minute, dial 08718012012 then when connected 00267 and the rest of your number.

To phone Mobiles in Botswana use the 09053068434 cheap rate number for 15p per minute.

From any UK mobile phone make cheap calls to Botswana using your contract minutes and our £3 sms phone cards at 7p per minute and for 14.5p to mobiles . Send an SMS text CPC to 83006, then you can phone Botswana for 43 mins per £3 phone card by dialing 0207 124 6666 followed by 00267 (the dialing code for Botswana) and then the destinations number and a # key. For a full list of destinations, rates, detailed usage, terms and conditions click here.

Using our number to call Botswana, for 5 minutes will cost £0.35 compared with BT’s (option 1) charge of £4.65 saving you £4.30 which is 92% cheaper than BT.

Please check back here regularly as rates, numbers, prefixes and conditions are subject to change. The free calls from mobile offers may not work when calling some mobiles in Botswana. If you are interested in being updated with the latest cheapest rates to Botswana please let us know. Please confirm all rates with your telephone/mobile operator and ask the bill payer for permission. Your phone bill will not show you made a call to Botswana but a call to our access number.

(00267 is the international dialing code / prefix when calling Botswana from the UK)

The cheapest way to call Botswana and other international destinations from the UK. If you know of a cheaper way to phone Botswana, please let us know.

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